They have two guitars, drums, a bass, long hair and they give full power. The Australian hard-rock newcomers "Mixed Up Everything" took the hearts of the "Rock am Kraftwerk" audience by storm. Five perfectly performed cover songs and four own hard, guitar-heavy rock compositions caused loud cheers.Musically, the brothers Quartet Todd, Kevin, Blake and Koby Dhima despite their youth - Todd is 18 years of the oldest - already very mature. The "down-under-youngsters" should still work on their German language skills. Thus, the combo looked slightly irritated, as loudly the demand "encore, encore" countered.

Additions are also uncommon at the small but very fine music festival in Flingern. "Each band can play 45 minutes. More is not possible, because we have to adhere to a very tightly timed schedule in order to provide a stage for the nine acts ", explains" Rock am Kraftwerk "- maker Gerald Rademacher with regard to the requirements of the various Dusseldorf offices, which are also in the shadow of the Kraftwerk Flingern prohibit excessive volume development in the evenings. This time, however, because the encore calls in the audience did not stop, there was a one-song exception. Much to the delight of head-banging hard rock fans.

"The guys can keep up with the bands that have performed in Wacken. The Australians here are super good ", judged Liz Busch and Rick Heimann in unison. The two had the direct comparison, because they were there at the beginning of the month at the big Wacken Open Air Festival. "But such a small festival as at the power plant, when you can stand very close to the stage, see the musicians in the eye and see your fingers fly over the strings, that's ten times better. There is much more energy there, "says Heimann.

At any rate, Rademacher once again put together a diverse musical spectrum ranging from country-influenced singer / songwriters to punk, blues rock and North German indie pop to the hard rock youngsters from Australia.




Debut Album 'Ex-Nihlio' released on Dec 14, 2017!

We are super stoked to finally announce the date for our debut album release.

This project has actually been a long time in the making as some of the riffs we've had, have been saved in our "memory bank" for two or three years. However, the whole thing clicked and came together only during the last 8-9 months. 

Todd would be down in his room pretending to study as he was doing VCE (the final year of High School), while Kevin, Blake and Koby would be jamming together in the music room. It was not uncommon for Todd to ditch his "study time" and come into the room, asking: 'Could you play that riff again, cause I think I got some lyrics for it!' Bit by bit and piece by piece the whole thing started taking shape.

Obviously we drew all our inspiration from real rock music from all the past eras (70's, 80's and the 90's ), but we didn't want to stick to one mould.  When one listens to Ex-Nihilo, you'll find a variety of sounds and genres - the crunching of Metallica and Foo Fighters similarities; the grunge energy of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam; the screaming guitars of the Scorpions and Velvet Revover; or the punk riffs inspired by Green Day, Chili Peppers and The Offspring.

After all we are called Mixed Up Everything.... right ;-) 

We hope you enjoy our first labour of love! See you all on the road.... here, there and every freakin' where....